Ceramic Candle Holder Automic Col Set

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10cm x 46/10cm x 37cm

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Ceramic Candle Holder Automic Col Set

Ceramic Candle Holder Automic Col Set. Ava Décor is a wholesale company that specialises in importing Art Glass and Ceramics to the discerning Designer and Homeowner adding instant glamour to any room. We have since extended our product range from the top end of the market, to also unique smaller and inexpensive items which fill up or add to an arrangement of O’bject.

Explore our colour options and style of products. Let us inspire you to add that special touch and creativity within your own interior!

Forming the basis of many designs, adding charm and character to your interior. Ceramics are durable, hard, compact and non-porous materials. A sense of pleasure is experienced when coming into contact with this tactile material.

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